Course Curriculum for Teaching Methods

 (Teaching methodology course)

1- Top tips for teaching and learning: Engage, Excite, Enhance.

2- Foundation of teaching in Higher Education.

3- Cognitive theory of learning teaching.

4- Effective classroom management.

5- Lecturing plan and time management.

6- Student centered learning.

7- Evaluating your teaching.

8- Learning outcome and Key performance indicator.

9- Problem based learning.

10- Marking and assessment.

11- Inspirational teaching.

12- IT skills for teaching.

13- Institutional effectiveness.

14- Learning tools.

15- Team working.

16- Effective Reading and taking.

17- Psychology.

18- Small group teaching.


(Research and Methodology Course)

1- Philosophy of science and generation of knowledge.

2- Research methodology.

3- Academic writing.

4- Publishing an article.

5- Research ethics and intellectual properties.

6- Reference management.

7- Research proposal writing.

8- Plagiarism.

9- Grant writing and grant application.

10- Managing research team and dynamics.


(Additional Required Topics)

A- Principles of Quality Assurance and Accreditation of higher education institution:

1- Principles of Bologna process (Qualification framework, diploma supplement , ECTS system).

2- Q.A

3- Self-assessment report.


 B- Higher Education Rule and Regulations:

4- Principles of KRG higher education law.

5- Rule and regulation of exam.

6- Health and safety.

7- Rule and regulations of scientific promotions.

8- Rule and regulation of student disciplines.




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