Nawroz University Commemorated the Anniversary of Dr. Aram Balatay

Nawroz University commemorated the anniversary of the late Dr. Aram Naji Balatay, a former lecturer at Nawroz University, on Saturday, February 26, 2022. The speech of the President of NU, Dr. Abdulwahab Khalid Mosa, highlighted the role of the late as one of the best lecturers at NU, and as one of the Kurdish parliamentarians in Iraqi parliament. Afterwards, Mr. Amir Balataiyi imparted the thoughts and feelings of the late’s family in his speech. Then, a speech on Dr. Arams book was delivered by Mr. Brendar Haider namely, “The Role of Parties in Political Development - A Case Study of the Kurdistan Region”. It is worth noting that the book had its first publication in Lebanon.

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