MoHE-KRG adopts electronic format for transferring and changing majors.

A new initiative launched by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research-KRG, which is changing the process of student transfer between universities and changing majors to lower faculties to electronic versions. The primary aim is to prevent both students and faculty from being vulnerable to the COVID-19 pandemic and to maintain their health-being.
For this reason, a platform was planned for the academic year (2020-2021) in collaboration with the Admission Center and the MoHE IT Directorate with the Sulaimaniya Polytechnic University (SPU) General Registration Department. Therefore, the process would not require physical visits to ministry or universities because of the spread of the novel coronavirus, so anyone seeking to transfer or change major could click the link dropped below and perform the necessary properly
In this respect, directions were put into a link to facilitate and explain the procedure so that the students avoid mistakes during the electronic form filling out and successfully implement the method.
Therefore, students wishing to transfer or change majors should read and verify the attached transfer instructions to familiarize themselves with the requirements and complete guidance of the MoHe and thus follow the procedures and processes as necessary
Click (here) and (here) to fill out student transfer and changing majors forms besides an instructional video showing how students fill out the above documents..

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