Nawroz University Hosts an Interuniversity Debate Championship

From July 9th to 10th, 2023, Nawroz University proudly hosted an interuniversity debate championship. This prestigious event, co-organized by The International Academy for Leadership and Development, Rwanga Foundation, and Kurdistan University, brought together 17 esteemed universities from the Kurdistan Region – Iraq. Participants included institutions such as Nawroz University, The American University of Kurdistan, University of Duhok, University of Zakho, and Duhok Polytechnic University from Duhok and 13 other universities from other cities in Kurdistan. This championship marked the first-ever occurrence of such an event in Duhok.

The interuniversity debate championship brought together talented students from various universities to showcase their intellectual abilities and public speaking skills. Participants engaged in passionate debates, discussing a wide range of topics and presenting compelling arguments.
The competition continues in the upcoming weeks, as the semi-final and final rounds are scheduled to take place in Hewler (Erbil).

Nawroz University takes pride in hosting this interuniversity debate championship, as it reflects our commitment to fostering intellectual growth, critical thinking, and effective communication among students.

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