New academic year (2020-2021) message

Dear NZU students, faculty, administrative staff,

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you all warmly, and I hope you are in good health and well-being. Dear, given this year's unusual circumstances, another responsibility we must bear is to avoid exposure to this extreme pandemic and, by adhering to the health instructions and preventive measures, we can protect our colleagues and students on the campus and their families at home. We would all also want to ensure the continuity of the education process while emphasizing the need to follow the instructions and guidance provided by the responsible authorities. In this context, I would like to explain some of the points, namely:


  • On September 1, 2020, the new academic year 2020-2021 has started, and lectures will commence on September 27, 2020.
  • The system introduced this year by the Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research -KRG is the hybrid approach (Blended), which means lectures will be delivered both on the campus as well as electronically (e-learning).
  • Preventive and health measures will be applied, and therefore all students, faculty, and staff must abide by them.
  • The on-campus lecture schedule would ensure that as few students as possible are present and gathered at a single venue.
  • All buildings on the NZU campus, classrooms, and corridors will be sterilized and regularly cleaned in compliance with the directions followed in this regard. Hand Sanitizer Stand will be placed at the entrances of all buildings.
  • The temperature would be checked for the students, faculty, and staff. In the case of coronavirus or infection symptoms, all individuals on NZU Campus are subjected to quarantine.


In the end, I wish everybody a happy new academic year, good health, and success

your Brother

Prof. Dr. Abdulwahab Khalid Mosa 
University President

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