The Department of Translation Held a Symposium on Contemporary Issues in Translation

The Department of Translation of the College of Languages at NU, with the cooperation of Kurdistan Translation Association organized a symposium in English namely : “Contemporary Issues in Translation and Interpretation”.
At the beginning of the symposium, the President of NU, Prof. Dr. Abdulwahab Khalid Mosa, touched upon the importance of revitalizing the translation movement in Iraqi Kurdistan. Dr. Hussein Ali, the Dean of College of Languages, then briefly talked the topic in more detail , adding more insight.
Then Mr. Lazgeen Barani, Head of the Translation Department, talked about the symposium and the Translation Department.
Afterwards, Mr. Kamal Abdullah, as a representative of the Kurdistan Translation Association, encouraged and advocated for more activities and events that would support the translation movement in the region.
After that, two panels of the symposium took place, which included a number of short seminars on the importance of translation, its role in the development of culture, and how to properly do translations.
It is worth noting that the symposium was on Tuesday, 21/12/2021.

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