A Symposiums Gathers Academics from Nawroz, Exeter, Cambridge, and George Mason Universities

After publishing their co-editing book, Women’s Voices from Kurdistan: A Selection of Kurdish Poetry, Dr Yaser Hassan Ali (from Nawroz University) with Dr Clemence Scalbert-Yucel and Dr Farangis Ghaderi (from the University of Exeter) participated in a webinar, hosted by the Kurdish Studies journal in London. The three editors, with the American-Kurdish poet Holly Morgan Mason (from the University of George Mason), discussed the making of this book and the joy and challenges of translating Kurdish poetry. The webinar, which took place on Friday, 17th June 2021, was sponsored by the publisher of the book, Transnational Press London, and moderated by Dr Marlene Schafers (from the University of Cambridge). It is worth to mention that the British Institute of the Study of Iraq and the Centre for Kurdish Studies at the University of Exeter supported this project.

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