Nawroz University organizes an open discussion about The Urban Sustainability in Duhok City

On Saturday morning (February 17th, 2021), Nawroz University has organized an opened scientific discussion about the (Urban Sustainability in Duhok - Panel), with the presence of the president of Nawroz University and his vice presidents, the deans, the academic staff and the students of the university. Urban Designers and Architects have contributed in explaining the sessions of the Panel:

The Civil Engineer, Spatial Planner
, and the directorate of Duhok Urban Planning, Merkhwaz Mostafa.
Ismail Ibrahim, PhD in Spatial Planning from Duhok University.
And from Nawroz University Turki Hassan, Prof. in Urban Design and Architecture.

The subject raised questions and discussion among the attendees and at the end of the panel, certificates were awarded to the participating engineers.

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