The President of Nawroz University Welcomes the Official of the Party Branch in Duhok

On Monday morning (April 26,2021) at exactly 11:00 AM, The President of Nawroz University (Prof. Dr. Abdulwahab Khalid Mousa) welcomed (Mr. Sarbast Troanshi), the official of the party branch in Duhok, in his workplace.

At the beginning, the President of the University warmly welcomed Mr. Sarbast, on his behalf and on behalf of the University Council, and expressed his great happiness at his visit, and then he touched on the course of the teaching process at the university for the current academic year, as well as referring to the most important academic and scientific activities that the university undertakes.

For his part, (Mr. Sarbast Troanshi) thanked Nawroz University for the great effort made by it to serve the educational process and congratulated the President of the University for assuming the presidency, and stressed the need to pay attention to the academic and health aspect in light of the pandemic spike in the world.

The party branch official concluded his visit by expressing his unlimited support for the university and for all its academic activities.

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