CAQA Mission & Tasks


The mission of CAQA is to provide support and resources for university-wide assessment and institutional research efforts. The institutional research process is designed to enhance the university’s mission by facilitating data collection, analysis and reporting.

 CAQA Tasks:

CAQA  provides oversight to the activities required by its mission by performing the following tasks:

1. Providing assistance in the use of assessment methods and documenting evaluation results for institutional improvement.

2. Ensuring the general compliance of assessment processes with QA criteria and accreditation standards.

3. Monitoring the assessment plans and reports of academic programs and administrative support units of NZU.

4. Organizing the administration, analysis, and dissemination of results and documents of NZU-wide surveys.

5. Coordinating the preparation of related documents and reports in response to internal and external imperatives as they arise.

6. Preparing and maintaining the IE and Assessment Manual designed to explain the planning, assessment and evaluation processes at NZU.

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