Nawroz University Teacher in Cooperation with Two Professors from a British University Issue a Book

Dr. Yaser Hassan Ali, a teacher at the College of Languages and Director of Relations and Media at the university, in cooperation with the two British institutions (the British Institute For the Study Of Iraq) and (Center For Kurdish Studies) issued a book entitled (Women's Voices From Kurdistan: A Selection Of Kurdish Poetry) It should be noted that the book was also co-published by two teachers from the University of Exeter in Britain, and they are Dr. Clemence Scalbert Yucel and Dr. Farangis Ghaderi.
The content of the book revolves around the translation of a group of Korean poems belonging to the four Kurdish parts (Turkey, Iraq, Syria and Iran) into English.
The American poet Renate Harrel carried out the process of revising the translation, while the introduction and conclusion were written by Prof. Dr. Shahrazad Mugab from the University of Toronto, Canada, and Prof. Dr. Regenia Kanier from the University of Axer in English.
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