Vision and Mission


The Center looks forward to maintain its active status among other scientific centers, weather locally or globally. The status which makes it a convenient platform for scientific research development, through taking care of the academic researchers, creators, and inventor, in a way that keeps persistent commitment to the scientific research goals and requirements. Doing so, the center fulfills the academic requirements needed inside NzU or those which have to do with the surrounding community.


Mission of the center concentrates on encouraging the applied scientific research key aspects, by partaking in the activities available in the academic atmosphere. Doing so, the center could participate in the community growth, by identifying the needs of community’s prosperity and progress. In addition to that, the center argues that its mission can be accomplished by developing and supporting the scientific publication skills, and the mention taking care of the academic co-activities such as symposiums, training courses, and workshops, including the quality assurance requirements.

Objectives & Obligation

1- Supporting the scientific research at the university in the light of Kurdistan community’s needs, besides encouraging the university researchers’ innovative initiatives, by providing the needed facilities to put their research speculations into practical applications.

2- Steering the NzU’s research and consultative towards the fields which have to do with the community’s needs, by conducting and making use of the local and external symposiums & training programs.

3- Taking the charge of facing and surmounting the difficulties which may face the researchers, in a way that enables them to take part in NzU’s scientific and research ranking promotion.

4- Subsidizing the research work in issues related to the current local crucial situation, before or after the international immigration, whether the said immigration has been willingly or unwillingly, whether individual or communal, whether temporary or permanent. This is, besides carrying out deeper studies in the region’s current matters.

5- Providing material support the research work, stimulating the writing of books and the conduction of research papers according to a crystalized plan developed be the SRDC, characterized by need and quality of such suggested research works.

6- Carrying out questionnaires and field surveys on issues have to do with the local security, socials prosperity, eco-political and legal developments, including conducting and arranging symposiums and conferences about the Region’s major matters. This may include studying the current international problems and crises according to modern scientific methods, and not to mention the predicting negative sequences of the said crises on the Region’s security, which should also include writing reports and recommendations about how to deal with such crises.

7- Founding research partnership with local and global expertise institutions and study centers, besides attracting qualified and experienced research workers to join the SRDC and work at NzU in accordance with the NzU’s vision and approval.

8- Providing consultative service to related institutions, and governmental and private organizations.

9- Building cultural and scientific relationships with similar to SRDC centers and institutions, inside and outside Iraq. This may include carrying out collective research works, correspondence, visitors’ exchange, common consultations, which may serve the interest of Kurdistan Region’s community, and not to mention establishing cooperation with civil-communal organizations in the field of communal edification and human rights.

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