NU 5-Year Plan


An outline of a plan which NZU intends to pursue on the path of academic accreditation follows.

The foundation for this report is a first-phase (2017-2020) plan involving the gradual implementation of steps covering:

1. raising awareness seminars and workshops for academic members and staff of NZU in the issues involved.

2. initiating an OBE approach in a number of undergraduate programs at NZU, with the subsequent curriculum modifications and assessments, culminating in SARs suitable for external reviews.

3. enhancing institutional effectiveness activities and establishing institutional arrangements to support the process.

Based on the progress made during the first phase, a second phase plan will be considered for processes towards academic accreditation at program and/or institution level(s) in the year(s) that follow.

A road map for the aforementioned first phase is proposed.


CAQA: Centre of Assessment and Quality Assurance
CLO: Course Learning Outcome
CP: Course Plan
CR: Course Report
HEI: Higher Education Institution
HoD: Head of Department
IE: Institutional Effectiveness
KPI: Key Performance Indicator
MOHE: Kurdistan Region Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research
NZU: Nawroz University / Duhok
OBE: Outcome Based Education
PEO: Program Educational Objective (ABET)
PLO: Program Learning Outcome
QA: Quality Assurance
SAR: Self-Assessment Report
SWOT: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats

1. Introduction

The plan draws upon a number of relevant sources, which include:

a. accreditation standards

b. recent reports, e.g.
- “Rehabilitation of the Iraqi Higher Education System”, Project Document, UNESCO, 2013.

c. current curricula and study plans of a number of accredited programs and institutions.

d. international guidelines on curricula. 


2. Overall aims of the first phase

  • Enhancement of IE activities at NZU.
  • Introduction of an OBE approach into selected programs.
  • Preparation of program SARs for external reviews.


3. First-Phase Workplan 2017-2020  (calendar years) 

 (These plans are subject to change and/or modification in light of progress made.)

    Table (a)   Workplan/Timeline 2017/2018     (Q: Quarter)


  Table (b)  Workplan/Timeline  2019/2020 


* Required Institutional Documents:   1. IE/QA Manual    2. Faculty Handbook    3. Staff Handbook    4. Student Handbook    5. Academic Catalog                                                                                        6. Policies & Procedures Manual

4. Road Map (main activities)

Calendar Year            Activity
2017 - Review current programs/Review accreditation requirements
- Draft/initiate OBE plan, Review curricula         PLAN
2018 - SWOT / strategic plan
- Implement draft OBE plan                                    DO
- Prepare SARs for Internal reviews
2019 - Evaluate program SARs Internally                        CHECK
- Perform improvements and revise plans            ACT
2020 - Prepare program SARs for External reviews     DO
2021 - Perform external reviews of SARs                          ACT
- Evaluate reviews/Revise/improvements           CHECK   ACT
- Consider plans for accreditation                         PLAN    DO   CHECK   ACT


 5. Second phase:

  • To be worked out based on the progress made.
  • Possible details of activities may be derived from table c shown below:


Table (c) Tentative Workplan/Timeline  2021/2022



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