What's Next?

What's next in the current first phase 2018?

  • Revision of curricula, modifications for the 3 selected programs based on semester courses and accreditation standards.
  • Review of program catalogues based on LOs for the 3 selected programs.
  • Preparation of data and SAR drafts for the 3 selected programs.
  • Activities in accordance with the timeline plans drawn.
  • Seminars and workshops throughout the calendar year.
    Possible further presentations/seminars/workshops may be chosen from the following list, or as the situation demands:
    • Course reports and course files
    • Curriculum Frameworks
    • Assessment of Student Learning at Program Level
    • Issues in Academic Program Accreditation
    • Program SAR data & Templates
    • Institutional Level Performance Indicators
    • Institutional Level Performance Models
    • A Review of Accreditation Standards
    • …..
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