Activities so far 2017

Performed in 2017

  • Appointment of an advisor for academic accreditation affairs at NU, Feb 2017:

       Dr M.A.Shallal,  BSc (Manchester U) UK, PhD (Liverpool U) UK,  Elect Eng.  

  • With reference to the 2017 – 2020 plan, the following tasks have been fulfilled (Feb - Dec 2017):     

a. Three programs have been selected for the OBE initiation process, namely

                                         Computer & Communication Engineering (CCEN): College of Engineering

                                         Computer Science (CMSC): College of Computers & IT

                                         English Language (LENG): College of Languages

(other programs are also planned to be involved in due time.)

Accordingly, the following accreditation criteria are being used as guidelines:

                                                ABET EAC (2017-2018 version) for the CCEN program

                                                ABET CAC (2017-2018 version) for the CMSC program

                                                CEA  (2017 version) for the  LENG program

b. A series of seminars/workshops were organized.

c. Vision, mission, goals and objectives for NU approved.

d. Establishment of a Centre for Assessment and QA (CAQA).

e. PEOs/Goals, PLOs for the 3 programs proposed.

f. A Course Plan template consistent with accreditation criteria proposed for the academic year 2017-2018.

g. A Course Report template consistent with accreditation criteria proposed for the academic year 2017-2018.

h. A Course Numbering Policy for NU proposed .

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